Privacy statement van allpa B.V.


Privacy statement of allpa B.V.

If you choose to provide information voluntarily, allpa B.V. uses this information in accordance with the privacy policy.
allpa B.V. regards privacy as important. Your personal data are therefore handled with the utmost care and secured, in accordance with the requirements set by the AVG (General Data Regulation).
allpa B.V. located in Nijmegen, Kerkenbos 1015, 6546BB, The Netherlands, is responsible for data processing (Responsible in the sense of the AVG). We attach great importance to your privacy. The information you provide to us is carefully handled and secured.

When are personal data collected?
We collect your data from the moment you enter or leave your details on our website, or otherwise register or be notified in order to use our services.

Why do we collect your personal data?
We collect and process your data for handling your orders.
Your personal data are processed in order to:
1. be able to comply with applicable laws and regulations;
2. complete your dealer data.

What personal information do we collect from you?
At the moment that you have entered into an order agreement with allpa B.V., we process the following personal data -
You are responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the information you provide.
More specifically, this concerns - among other things - the following (documents with) corporate and personal data:

1. Name and company name;
2. Chamber of Commerce number + excerpt;
3. VAT number;
4. Name and address details of the owner / driver, e-mail address and other contact details;
5. Date and gender of the owner / driver;
6. Other data that may be important in the context of delivery agreements;

When you place an order at allpa B.V., we possibly process the following additional personal data:
Nationality, BSN number, ID-proof or passport or driving license details and bank details.

Special personal data
allpa B.V. only records special data if this is necessary to comply with its legal obligations, insofar as permission has been given, or if this is otherwise permitted by or pursuant to the law.
With whom do we share your personal data?
allpa B.V. may pass on the personal data to third parties, who provide services on behalf of her or carry out assignments, suppliers, government bodies and other business relations. And in all other cases where we can be obliged to do so, for example by a court order or a court verdict. A processing agreement has been concluded with other organizations that can view our data. In addition, allpa B.V. share the data with government bodies such as tax authorities and financial institutions and insurers.
The provision of the personal data takes place on the basis of a legitimate interest, legal obligation and / or to execute the agreement in accordance with the goals mentioned under 'Why do we collect your personal data?'
How long do we keep your personal data?
The storage periods that we use depend on the legal storage periods. Your contact details are available up to two years after the last delivery agreement.
If you no longer wish to be contacted, you can unsubscribe by telephone or via e-mail to one of our employees. You will no longer be approached by allpa B.V.

You can contact us at any time if you are interested in our products.
Your rights
If you wish to inspect your total personal data processing and / or change, delete and / or transmit data that you cannot adjust yourself, you can contact an employee of allpa B.V.

allpa B.V. makes every effort to optimally protect your personal data against unauthorized use. We do this on the basis of physical, administrative, organizational and technical measures. For example: only authorized people have access to the data. If and insofar as data is provided to data processors who provide services on behalf of her or carry out assignments, allpa B.V. agreed with them by means of an agreement that they also optimally protect the personal data.
Questions, comments, complaints
Do you have questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal data by allpa B.V. you can contact us via +31-24-3777773 or via