Smart Tabs SX Systems for boats from 21ft up to 25ft
artnr: 084250
Bigger SX - SMART TABS for boats up to 25’ (7,6m) SMART TABS utilize Nitrogen Gas filled Actuators to hold the trim plates down during low speed operation and allow the water to “automatically” push the plates up (horizontal) at higher
speeds. The tabs remain under a load creating ide control like shock absorbers. No need to worry about tab position.

• Tabs and actuators made of corrosion free molded composite materials
• Tabs have tracking ribs to improve handling at higher speeds
• Tab size 9,5”x 10” (241 x 254mm)
• Smoother and faster acceleration (great for skiing)
• 40% less Bow Rise and 35% lower on plane speed (great for tubing)
• More Top Speed and No Porpoising or Chine Walking
• Improves Handling and Smoother Ride in any water
• Improved fuel economy (up to 11% less)
• Assembly & Installation in Minutes

Article number: 084250

EAN: 8719182612414

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