EU guidelines for diesel engines pleasure yachts too complicated for enforcement

"It's a mess," the man sighs. He is an entrepreneur in brand ship diesel. "Anyone who complies with the rules is overtaken left and right by" handy parties ", who deal creatively with the complicated regulations (or completely ignore them) and dump all kinds of ship diesels onto the market. Sometimes forced by the changed rules to prevent their own bankruptcy. And if it was enforced now ... "

Anyone who is currently immersing themselves in the world of small diesel engines for pleasure yachts will quickly see the black clouds hanging above them. Diesel engines in boats must comply with the Recreational Craft Act 2016 based on the complex European emission standards established in 2013. The previous provisions and standards (Directives 94/25 / EC and 2003/44 / EC) were rewritten in 2013 and are registered as a Directive 2013/53 / EU (also known as RCD-2). Products that meet the previous requirements were allowed to be placed on the market until January 18, 2017 (for certain outboard engines January 18, 2020 applies). Directive 94/25 / EC had actually been repealed since 18 January 2016, last year was a transitional year. So you can't say that the industry and trade may be surprised by the measure.

But the practice is unruly. And the regulations complex. For clarification, the HISWA Association has already published a general message about all possible boat-engine combinations in July 2016 for clarification. This, in turn, raised so many - often - proprietary questions that wholesaler Allpa issued a separate letter on 15 February to clarify the specific situation of its Solé marine diesel engines per model. It is a mess of gray areas and rules. These take little account of the practice of both the entrepreneur with his stock and the behavior of the consumer, who is ready for a new engine, which may only run for a few tens of hours a year. Buying a cheap "bad motorbike" that met all the requirements six months ago will have little guilt for the environment. Rather the feeling of "conveniently arranged".

After all, stocks can always remain longer than hoped and the intention was. A few years ago it might seem interesting to invest in a game of Indian or Chinese diesel engines. But if the water sports market fails again, as an entrepreneur you will end up with the fried diesels. Then you can take your loss, or still try to sell them. But in the latter case, since January 18, you have committed an "economic offense" with diesel engines without a valid CE marking. And that just provides a criminal record. As a manufacturer or importer, you must ensure that your merchandise receives the correct CE marking sticker. In the Netherlands, the Recreational Craft Act falls under the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. He has outsourced export and compliance to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILenT). In turn, it has designated three companies in the Netherlands that are allowed to inspect pleasure craft and their engines to issue CE marks.

But if you are stuck in your stomach with those "outdated" engines (even if they have never been running), you can have them tested elsewhere in Europe according to European legislation. Where - let's say it carefully - things are sometimes less strictly and tightly regulated than in Northwestern Europe. What does not help here is that according to the exhaust emission regulations of the 2013/53 / EU directive, the new diesel engine has to meet so many requirements since January (at the bottom of the annexes) that something can easily be overlooked ... Moreover, it seems the ILenT already has its hands full on enforcement in other markets. For the pleasure craft, enforcement could, according to the "non-fraudulent" entrepreneur, be a bit tighter. Or actually much tighter, because now few offenders seem to notice it.

For the time being, the implementation and enforcement of the Recreational Craft Act 2016 will remain a problem. If enforcement with a few car makes and scooters does not work well, it will be much less successful with the small ship diesel engines. Compared to other segments, the water sports market is of course also small. In addition, many brands do have an approved engine block (often also from the same manufacturer, Mitsubishi or Kubota), but the rest of the engine is completely different. "Then there will be a container of diesel fuel from the Far East, on which they run approved filters, and everything will be sold in this way," claims a salesman of diesel engines, who has been in the business for years. “Out of sight of enforcement. The consumer thinks everything is right, but in reality it is a mess. Some consciously abuse that.”

source: nauticlink sept 2019

The adventure of Mark Slats with the Golden Globe race

Allpa assisted Mark Slats with the choice and installation of the Solé Diesel engine together with allpa dealer and friend of Mark Slats, Harry van Wijk of Harry van Wijk Boatservice in Wassenaar. Harry will also be present at the next Hiswa edition at the stand of Allpa, stand number 01.241. After the Rowing adventure, Mark Slats went directly on with his next mission: the Golden Globe Race - around the world sailing race.

Allpa Marine Equipment thought this a super initiative and together with Mark on BOOT 2018, Düsseldorf a plan was made concerning the engine (marine diesel). It became a Mini 29 from Solé Diesel with a Technodrive (Twin Disc) gearbox. The motor control of Seastar Solutions and the corresponding control cables are also built-in. Allpa also supplied other technical equipment for the boat.

Mark Slats sold his house to take part in the Golden Globe Race. Also his rowboat "Peanuts" is for sale to pay for the race. The renovation and racing of his boat "Maverick" was both costly and labor-intensive. Mark himself has worked a lot on his boat, on the one hand for reasons of safety on the other, for cost considerations. Mark must also met a lot of (safety) requirements for participation in the race. For example, he  needed to get various certificates (first aid, safety and radio), clothing for all weather types, special food, have specific equipment on board and have sailed enough nautical miles. After hundreds of hours of manual labor, with funding through donations, the sale of his house and boat, he is still is in debt.

Mark Slats has previously completed a solo world tour in 2004/5 with the 46ft yacht “Cornelia” designed by Alan Buchanan. The Dutch sailor who was born in Darwin, Australia and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 8, bought the Rustler 36 "The Ohpen Maverick" - the first boat of this model that was built.

Mark has his own business with renovating old houses, but found the preparations for the Global Gold Race and the 2017 Talisker Transatlantic Rowing Challenge took up a great deal of his time. "I trained 8 hours every day and spent the rest of the time planning for these two events, it was very time consuming!"

Remarkably enough, Mark Slats overcame the disappointment of losing his fellow rower in the two-man class, shortly before the start of the Talisker Challenge, but he went on  and won the single handed class, in record time after a 4th place overall, before all the  two-man teams!

Mark's Golden Globe Race challenge was supervised by Dutch yacht designer Dick Koopmans. The yacht was sailed across the North Sea to its home port Wassenaar in the fishing port of Scheveningen in 2017 and a three-man team led by Koopmans was fitting the boat while Mark rowed across the Atlantic.

Why has he entered the Golden Globe Race? "Because I live for this stuff", he says. 

On Saturday, February 23, Slats received a hero reception in the port of Scheveningen. After months he could finally set foot in the Netherlands again. Because of his participation in the Golden Globe Race, he was on his own at sea for seven months. Obviously, that period required and demanded much of the sailor. Slats will tell more about that in the broadcast at Jinek. Attention is also paid to it on (npo-1), omroep west, nos langsdelijn, Midvliet and many others that will follow.

Allpa Marine Equipment BV believed in the many exposure that he would get with this adventure and supported Mark Slats in the run-up to his race around the world by sponsoring his participation in the Golden Globe Race.

source: allpa Marketing Dept.

allpa Dutch business report IBI METS 2018

  “Our customers only want three things,” Rutgers, CEO at allpa Marine Equipment, told IBI.

“Quality, support and speed.”

 allpa is an independent wholesaler and distributor of technical marine products whose portfolio includes everything from steering controls, motor equipment, propellers, shafts and generators, to hatches, deck fittings, boat seats and other associated items. The company prides itself on its well-balanced range of stock, as shops – and OEMs in particular – require just-in-time delivery. Around 10,000 items are listed in the allpa catalogue, and its warehouse in Nijmegen, near the German border, stocks more than 25,000 individual items. “The Dutch market is growing again, albeit step by step,” says Rutgers. “Our German subsidiary is also showing careful growth. Quality products, quick delivery and personal attention are key to success.”

Rutgers told IBI that allpa’s sales in the first half of 2018 were up 5% compared to the same time last year – that’s off the back of a particularly strong 2017, one that saw revenues jump by 9%. “Since the back end of April there’s been a substantial uptick in business with generators, motor equipment, controls and other technical products now being sold in substantial numbers, resulting in a surge for the business,” Rutgers says. The months of March and early April were impacted by unseasonally cold weather, he explains, which resulted in customers launching boats with little maintenance carried out in spring. Allpa is now reaping the rewards as owners catch up on essential upkeep and repairs. Allpa has enjoyed a long relationship with number of key brand partners over the years. This year it is celebrating its 30-year anniversary with Spx (former Johnson Pumps) and 25 years representing SeaStar Solutions (formerly Teleflex). allpa’s focus for 2019 will be consolidation of existing business. allpa will also focus on those suppliers that have shown real growth all over the years , and allpa Marine Equipment will benefit from shared efforts. It has been allpa’s philosophy for many years to give priority to those suppliers who show future (growth) potential.

allpa METS 2018 stand 02.41 and 02.411

Source: IBI Magazine November issue 2018 METS allpa Marine Equipment


Allpa reports boost in summer sales

Sales up 5% year on year despite weak March

(July 10, 2018) Allpa Marine Equipment, a leading European marine equipment wholesaler headquartered in Nijmegen, on the German border, has reported a positive half to the year with sales up 5% on the same period last year - that's off the back of 2017 that was one of Allpa's most successful years to date with revenues up 9% on the previous year.

The sales increase is despite a weak March and early April that were unduly impacted by unseasonally cold weather. According to Allpa, that resulted in customers launching boats with little maintenance work carried out in the spring. Now, according to CEO of the Allpa Marine Equipment Group (Benelux & Germany) Mark Rutgers, Allpa is reaping the rewards with owners catching up on that essential maintenance work. The result is that despite the weak early spring, since the back end of April there's been a substantial uptick in business with generators, motor equipment, controls and other technical products now being sold in substantial numbers, resulting in a surge for the business.

Allpa Marine Equipment has a diverse portfolio range of technical product from steering, controls, engine equipment, propellers, shafts and generators, to plumbing, hatches and deck fittings, boatseats and related products, water pumps and chandlery products (fenders / safety / compasses etc). Allpa also has its own rope line.

Allpa Marine Equipment celebrated its 45th anniversary a few years ago and has enjoyed a long relationship with a number of key brand partners. Notably in 2018, it will be celebrating a 30 year anniversary with Spx (former Johnson Pumps), and 25 years representing Seastar Solutions (formerly Teleflex).


Allpa and Johnson Pump celebrate 30-year partnership

Two companies have been working closely together since 1988

(Aug 23, 2018) Allpa Marine Equipment, a Dutch wholesaler with branches in the Netherlands and Germany, is celebrating its 30-year working partnership with SPX Flow (formerly Johnson Pump), having served as one of its key distributors for the last three decades.

SPX Flow’s Johnson Pump Marine is a leading manufacturer of pumps for marine use, with almost 50 years of marine pump experience. The company started its cooperation with Allpa in 1988.

Robin Blank, key account manager for Johnson Pump Marine, says: “I expect a distributor to be professional and have a thorough understanding of our products. They also need strong local market knowledge to be able to find new opportunities. Allpa has been very good at servicing the market, delivering the full package to their customers.”

Established by Pim Rutgers in 1971, Allpa has been owned by Mark Rutgers since 2000. Last month the company reported a positive first half of the year, with sales up 5% on the same period in 2017.


Xantrex teams up with Allpa

Canadian power solutions specialist signs distribution deal with Allpa at Cannes

(sep 12, 2018) Canada-based Xantrex, part of the Schneider Electric group, has chosen Allpa Marine Equipment of the Netherlands as its new distributor for Benelux and Germany. The agreement, signed today at the Cannes Yachting Festival, will see Allpa manage the sales of Xantrex’s full range of DC/AC power products including battery chargers, inverters and combination units. 

As demand for our products in Europe continues to grow, it is important that our products are available through a quality distributor that will promote, service and support the Xantrex range,” says Will Tomkinson of Xantrex. “Allpa is well-qualified to do this, so we are excited to be making this partnership agreement with them.” Mark Rutgers, Allpa CEO, adds: “The Xantrex product range fits extremely well into our current product portfolio of electric products and will enable us to develop this important area of our business further.” 

Allpa is a leading Dutch wholesaler of marine equipment with branches in the Netherlands and Germany.



(January 2018 - Southampton, UK) - SeaStar Solutions, the global leader in steering and control systems, is proud to announce its 25th anniversary working with Allpa Marine Equipment of the Netherlands. Founded in 1971, Allpa is a leading European marine equipment wholesaler and has been a key distributor for SeaStar Solutions since 1993. 

We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Allpa over the past 25 years,” said Tom Douglass, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SeaStar Solutions. SeaStar first started doing business with Allpa after the meeting of Robbie Brown (then Vice-President of International Sales for SeaStar) and Pim Rutgers (the founder of Allpa). “We have had strong growth and territory strength since that meeting, and it has continued with Mark Rutgers (the current owner of Allpa since 2000),” added Douglass.

The Allpa Team has worked tirelessly in establishing a strong and successful dealer network throughout the BeNeLux and Germany. Allpa successfully supports the Boatbuilder segment and marine aftermarket in Netherlands and Germany. “They are a true partner and we would like to offer them our thanks and appreciation for their support over the years. We’re looking forward to continued success in the future,” said Douglass.

Allpa Marine Equipment has built a very strong program over the years and this has resulted in a very strong position for Allpa and her suppliers and synergies for all involved.

To celebrate this milestone, the SeaStar Solutions sales team will make a presentation to Mark Rutgers, Managing Director of Allpa at the Düsseldorf Boat show, January 2018.

For more information on any of SeaStar Solutions wide range of products and brands, please visit

About SeaStar Solutions (former Teleflex Marine)

SeaStar Solutions is the leading global provider of OEM and aftermarket products and accessories for the recreational marine and related markets. Sold around the world under the SeaStar, Sierra, BayStar, Shields, Inca, Mallory, Prime Line and Proheat brands, the Company’s products are recognised for their quality, reliability and technical innovation. For more information, please refer to the Company’s website at

About Dometic

Dometic enriches people’s experiences when away from home by providing smart, reliable products with outstanding design for mobile living in the areas of Climate, Hygiene & Sanitation and Food & Beverage. Dometic manufactures and sells products within these areas for use in mainly recreational vehicles, trucks and premium cars, cruisers and work boats, and for a variety of other uses. Dometic operates 22 manufacturing/assembly sites in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Dometic products are sold in more than 100 countries. Dometic has 6,500 employees and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

About Allpa

Allpa Marine Equipment is a leading privately held distributor/ wholesaler in North-Western Europe. (Netherlands) Serving the BeNeLux and Germany other small regional countries. Allpa Marine Equipment is specialist in most technical equipment for the OEM and aftermarket.. Strengths technical know-how, flexibility, innovative and a very good stock position.

source: IBI

Zipwake chooses Allpa

Marine equipment wholesaler has become Zipwake distributor for Benelux and Germany

Allpa Marine Equipment has become Zipwake distributor for Benelux and Germany. The Netherlands-based wholesaler has been operating in the region since earlier this year. Commenting on the appointment, Goran Fredin from Zipwake says: “We are happy with Allpa and the way they drive the sales and contribute to expand Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System’s market presence.” Allpa keeps a large stock for optimal delivery performance and also provides technical support. “If we face a more complex or sophisticated application we turn to Zipwake to find the solution together,” explains Mark Rutgers of Allpa.

source: IBIPlus (26 January 2016)

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