Yamaha 200-250hp, 4 stroke Navalloy Anode Kit
artnr: 017690A
High Performance Navalloy Anodes with Exclusive Patented Wear Indicator

10 times why Navalloy anodes?
1 Better protection than zinc because they generate a lower voltage
2 Longere life because they have more capacity for the same over all size
3 Suitable for any type of hull material: Aluminum, Steel and Glassfiber
4 Navalloy anodes will continue to work in any type of water: sea-, brackish- and freh water
5 Re-activated after exposed to air. No need to clean the anodes
6 RED SPOT wear indicator. When the RED SPOT appeares than it is time to replace
7 Less expensive as zinc anodes
8 Navalloy anodes are lighter than zinc anodes
9 Navalloy anodes are 20 times more ECO-Friendly than Zinc anodes
10 Attractive packed with printed text in four languages and including fitting instructions and hardware
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