Fuel tanks

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Fuel tanks, exhaust, water filters, fuel filters

allpa offers several fuel tanks for inboard use. Popular items are the built-in tanks and the jerrycans made of plastics. Besides those, allpa offers tanks made of stainless steel in different sizes. Many tanks come with flanges, but allpa supplies separate flanges as well. Other accessories like fuel hoses, deck filler caps, air bleeders and filler kits for fuel tanks are also in allpa’s program. 

Engine exhaust and water locks

The engine exhaust should be well mounted to prevent incoming water and to guarantee the engine keeps performing on a high level. allpa supplies all the parts necessary, including exhaust hose and waterlock (also known as waterlift).

Cooling water filter

Cooling water filters from allpa all have a transparent plastic cover. This makes inspection very easy. One can choose from filters made of plastic, made of nickel-bronze or brass.

Replacing the fuel filter

Many boat-owners replace their fuel filters regularly. The allpa-program contains several fuel filters, e.g. spin-on filters with water-separator and transparent reservoir with built-in supply pump. For several filters the replacement filter-elements are available. The first question to be answered, when replacing the filter is: petrol or diesel filter. A water–separator is also available. For instance, for petrol we offer Sierra-filters with water separator. If desired available as complete kit. 

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